My bags are packed and ready to go . . . .

After a yard sale, a great deal of purging of collected detritus, and numerous dump runs, David, Heather, their daughters, their Corgi and mackerel tabby were ready for the move to Howlets, their new 100-year-old stone home sitting at the tip of Cape Ann in Rockport, Massachusetts.

The Gentle Giant movers could not have been more professional, nor the foreman Jim’s two Vizslas better behaved.  All day long, the dogs perched regally in the cab of the truck, keeping a watchful eye on the expert ministrations of Jim and his crew.

In today’s blog, here is the first installment of a photo tour of this extraordinary house, as it exists before the work begins.  Click on any photo to enlarge it.  Enjoy.

(Technical, editing and emotional support provided by Mike Kenyon — figuring out how to create photo galleries was a challenge.)

Next installment:  Photographs of Howlets’ studio (with 28 foot ceilings!), the stone-walled kitchen, and the quarry just feet from the back door.