Party in the snow

Rockport, Massachusetts has an ordinance allowing liquor to be served only with a sit down meal. Despite this town law, Rockport has a very wild night life which begins at dusk and carries on with reckless abandon into the wee hours of the morning. A party animal was recently spotted, complete with a red fur coat, drinking out of our stone watering trough. Several days later, the remains of a late night feast were scattered on the front lawn. The reveler was at least following the town policy of having a meal with a drink when out on the town. While I was unable to get a photo of the foxy lady drinking from the trough at dusk, recent paw prints in the snow confirmed it was not just a hallucination. The squirrel that she had dined upon was left in furry bits across the lawn, like beer cans dumped from a car of underage drinkers. Who says Rockport closes up at night?

Can I check your ID?

Red fox eat mostly rodents and there is a plethora of them in our circa 1840 barn-converted-to-house. Generations of mice have been happily coming into the barn when the weather turns cold in the fall. Our cat is totally uninterested in performing his duties, so our hopes are now pinned on the red fox. From her paw prints in the snow we can see she has searched next to the foundation for her next meal. Would it be wrong to invite her inside for a mouse smorgasbord?  To further entice, perhaps a local microbrewery ale pumped through the stone trough spouts. We want to remain compliant with the town’s “drink with a meal” policy, even for the wild night life crowd.

Beer bong for wild life

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